Introducing Zendesk Integration

We’re happy to announce our latest integration - Zendesk.
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Kristo Peterson
September 30, 2022
Introducing Zendesk Integration


When you connect your Zendesk account to Yera you can add visibility and bring the joy of gamification to your team. Yera can deliver insight about the speed and volume of any actions undertaken in Zendesk. Most importantly these insights are visible to everyone in your team about their own performance and that of the teams.

Whether it is calls, emails or live chats with customers, Yera can give you insights about any actions in Zendesk. Previously you could only get aggregate statistics but now each member of your team can see how they are doing, as well as the average of the team.

Users can see how they are doing, what is expected of them and know what they need to do to earn bits (points). As soon as Users have enough bits they can exchange them for motivating benefits in the Perk Store.

How does it work?

Let's go through an example. Say you want to increase the amount of email replies sent to your customers. Depending on how many replies to customers any User sends, they are awarded bits at the end of the day.

The reward rule:

When User sends less than 50 replies in 24h: 0 bits
When User sends 50-54 replies in 24h: 1 bit
When User sends 55-59 replies in 24h: 1.5 bits
When User sends 60-64 replies in 24h: 2 bits
When User sends 65-69 replies in 24h: 2.5 bits
When User sends 70-... replies in 24h: 3 bits

The calculation of the reward happens in Yera, based on the data that we receive from Zendesk. To make sure we receive the right data at the right moment a webhook needs to be triggered and the correct data needs to be set up on the Zendesk side. If those words are unfamiliar to you - don’t worry. We will be there to help you through all of it. 

A webhook is just a set of conditions that need to be fulfilled for the data to be sent to Yera. In this case the webhook would be activated when an email from within the tickets is sent by a CS Agent.

The data that will be sent to Yera will need to be set up on the Zendesk side as well, but for both of those activities our experienced team is there with you. We don’t want any data that belongs to your customers (i.e. we don’t need any information about the title or content of the email or even who it was sent to) and we are fully GDPR compliant. We do need to know:

  • Who was the sender (from your team) 
  • What was the ticket id 
  • When the ticket was sent 
  • When the ticket was created

This allows us to make correct calculations and assign the correct amount of bits to the correct User. It also allows us to avoid duplicates and mistakenly reward Users for those duplicates.

After the webhook has been triggered it sends the agreed upon data to a specific Yera endpoint.

At the end of the day Yera calculates the bits each User will receive depending on how many emails they replied to. All of this is visible in Yera and gives a good overview of how the User is doing and what the average of the team is.

Users can exchange their bits for personalized benefits in the PerkStore and enjoy even more meaning from the bits that they have earned.

Besides giving insights Yera helps you get these outcomes:

  • Work feels engaging and gamification promotes a sense of accomplishment.
  • Clear responsibilities and expectations across the team.
  • Fair recognition and freedom to choose rewards that matter to you.
  • A daily sense of progress with an extra boost of motivation.

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