Restream’s VP of Customer Service Shares Top 3 Challenges

In a world scenario where the volume of work and quality of service expectations keep growing, the turnover rate of contact center agents keeps getting worse. As a memorable debut of “The Enchanters” series, Yera asked Gustavo Bianco, VP of Customer Service at Restream about the top 3 challenges in customer service in his opinion.
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Eduardo Levenfeld
October 21, 2022
Restream’s VP of Customer Service Shares Top 3 Challenges

The current state of affairs in 2022 for customer service

Besides advancements in topics like AI in customer service, which is excellent but still beginning, things are getting more challenging for customer service leaders.

The expectations of customer service and the volume of work for the agents keep growing every year, while turnover rateof the contact center agents is the worst among all industries.

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

The growing expectations of customer service:

  • 76% of customers would switch to a competitor due to multiple poor customer service experiences. (Zendesk, 2022)
  • 68% of customers will spend more money with companies with excellent customer service. (Khoros, 2022)
  • 37% of business mention improving customer service efficiency as a priority. (Zendesk, 2022)

The growing volume of work:

  • The volume of tickets keeps constantly growing. For instance, from 2020 to 2021 it grew +17% by chat, +24% by phone, and +370% by WhatsApp. (Zendesk, 2022)

The constant increase in dissatisfaction and turnover of the agents:

  • The turnover rate of customer service agents is the biggest among all industries, ranging from 30% to 45%. And it only keeps growing. (MaestroQA, 2021 and CXM, 2022)
  • The average tenure of contact center agents is only a year. (CXM, 2022)
  • Only 14% of agents are happy with the way their performance is measured. (Zendesk, 2022)
  • Almost 40% of agents think their team is not treated as well as others in the organization (Zendesk, 2022).

What leaders of successful startups say about their top challenges

For creating this post, we had the pleasure of chatting with Gustavo Bianco.  Brazilian living in Estonia, current VP of Customer Services at Restream, former Global Head of Customer Success at Pipedrive, Angel Investor, Board Member, and Advisor for startups.

We asked him the following question:

“What are the top challenges in customer support in your experience?”

The Top 3 Challenges Mapped

Visibility and accountability for the agents:

Another priority topic for both is making the agents constantly aware and accountable for their goals and progress, which makes all the sense since these are fundamental for achieving solid engagement and efficiency.

Gustavo, for instance, mentions that “most of the solutions for customer service in the market focus on execution stuff, like creating and tracking tickets, and some top-level visibility reports and dashboards. It’s rare to find one that delivers clear visibility to the individual about his performance and progress”.

The importance of this topic is partially reinforced by statistics if considering, as mentioned before, that only 14% of customer service agents are happy about how they are measured (Zendesk, 2022).

It also makes all the sense when you learn that, in different industries, less than 50% of employees know what is expected from them and only 21% feel their performance metrics are within their control (Gallup, 2019 and 2022).

Engagement and development of the agents:

Another priority challenge was maintaining the engagement levels of the agents in a way to foster improvement and career development.

Describing this challenge, Gustavo mentions that “it’s not an easy task to establish and communicate a formula that agents can use to check how they need to perform to be considered a senior level, for instance”.

He also mentions that he sees potential in gamification for that purpose and for keeping people engaged in achieving the goals.

In his own words:

“I see big value in gamification for the agent development. New gens need to feel progress, and important stuff doesn’t need to be boring.”

Regarding gamification and engagement, the benefits are already well-known and mentioned in business and scientific media channels. The Flow Research Collective, for instance, found out that, on average, applying some level of gamification in the workplace can boost up to 48% of the employees' engagement

Fast customer service is essential:

Finally, another priority mentioned by Gustavo is the famous duo speed and quality. He mentions that the leaders of his teams keep a constant and sharp eye on indicators like First Time of Response (FRT), Average Handling Time (AHT), and Internal Quality Score (IQS).

The mentioned priority for the speed of reaction makes all the when we learn that almost 60% of customers report that long hold times are the most frustrating aspect of a poor call center experience (Zendesk, 2020).

Also, regarding the quality of the experience with customer service, as already mentioned at the beginning of this post, 76% of customers would switch to a competitor due to multiple poor customer service experiences (Zendesk, 2022).

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Eduardo Levenfeld

CEO of

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