Product Update: Yera's Trello Power-Up Is Now Live

Trello Power-Up for Yera allows you to gamify your daily work process to help people do their best work. We've added Trello integration to the list of integrations you can add in 1-2-3.
Product Updates
Kristo Peterson
September 14, 2022
Product Update: Yera's Trello Power-Up Is Now Live


Good news! We have just launched Yera's Trello Power-Up. You can add it from here.

This new product update allows you to use Trello for 100+ use cases of Yera. You can boost your team results by improving your process execution: increase the quality of support, sales results, on-time deliveries, and much more.

Connecting Yera directly to your Trello board with the Trello Power-Up allows you to add value to each card (e.g. story points).

You can use Yera and Trello Power-Up to bring to life these outcomes for Team Leads:

  • Improved clarity and up-to-date info from Trello.
  • On-time deliveries and team-wide consistency.
  • A team that is engaged in tasks and processes.
  • More autonomy for both on-site and remote teams to enable deep work, creative and strategic thinking.
  • Happier people and higher job satisfaction.
  • Attraction and retention of talent as an organic part of your day-to-day operations.

And these outcomes for Team Members:

  • Work feels engaging and gamification promotes a sense of accomplishment.
  • Clear responsibilities and expectations across the team.
  • Fair recognition and freedom to choose rewards that matter to you.
  • A daily sense of progress with an extra boost of motivation.

With the Trello integration you can guarantee that all of the important information from your Trello cards is automatically sent to Yera. This means that reward rules generate bits (points) for your people in real-time and they can then exchange their hard-earned bits for personally meaningful rewards in the Perk Store.

The Trello Power-Up allows you to take this a step further so that story points (or any other variable values for cards) can be synced automatically with Yera. 

To unlock the full potential of your people, just look for the Yera Power-Up in the Trello Power-Up marketplace or follow this link.

Got your attention? Schedule a demo.

Want to know more? Check here for the documentation about integration.

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