Yera is an employee engagement tool.

Gamify daily work process to help people do their best work.

Increase your quality of support, customer retention and sales results with real-time progress feedback
37% increase in CSAT, 48% higher engagement, 14% more upsells
Science-based innovation that benefits both members and leads in teams
The only fully automated all-in-one engagement & reward system for customer service teams. Results in just 30 days (or less).
Yera is built with people from companies like

Meaningful rewards and gamification drives success

Sense of progress, recognition, and collaboration are top drivers of engagement at work. Yera is the only one on the market using gamification to connect all these factors in a single solution.

Let team members exchange their earned points from work progress to personally meaningful rewards in the customisable Perk Store.

Utilise gamification elements like progress feedback, points, rewards, and leaderboards to boost your team's engagement and results.

Yera + the tools you already use

Integrate Yera in a few clicks with the tools you use on a daily basis such as Slack, Zendesk, Trello, Jira, Azure, and 2000+ others. The reward rules are fully customisable across your entire stack.

Recognise and reward team members for actions that drive results.

Tech teams and team leads:
Yera is for you - made by people just like you.

I see big value in Yera for agent development. The new generations want to improve themselves more and more and need to feel progress. Moreover, important stuff doesn’t need to be boring.
Gustavo Bianco
VP of Sales and Customer Service
Nutshell; ex-Pipedrive

Yera is a fully automated solution

Get started today:
Get a demo for a tour or to create new workspace.
Integrate existing tools to retrieve data in a few clicks.
Define reward rules and select perk categories.
Invite your team and see results in 30 days.
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Painkiller for Team Leads

We’ve been in your seat. We know your daily headaches. And we’ve got just the painkiller for them.

Yera fast tracks you from:

• Lack of clarity and overview.
• Delayed deliveries and inconsistent process execution.
• Constantly having to ping people for workflow updates.
• Never-ending firefighting, unwanted but necessary micromanaging, consequential stress for everyone.
• Losing talent to companies with better overall engagement and retention packages.

To this new reality:

Improved clarity and up-to-date info across your existing tools stack.
On-time deliveries and team-wide consistency.
Team is engaged in tasks and processes.
More autonomy for both on-site and remote teams to enable deep work, creative and strategic thinking.
People are happy and job satisfaction is high.
Attracting and retaining talent as an organic part of your day-to-day operations.

Vitamin for Team Members

We've been in your seat. We know your daily challenges. And we’ve got just the vitamins for them.

Yera treats you from:

• Repetitive tasks you know you need to execute, but don’t feel incentivised to do.
• Frustration from confusion about expectations and responsibilities.
• Lack of specific recognition for your efforts and the results you create.
• Loss of motivation and productivity in longer projects.

To this upgrade:

Work feels engaging and gamification promotes sense of accomplishment.
Clear responsibilities and expectations across the team.
Fair recognition and freedom to choose rewards that matter to you.
Daily sense of progress with extra boost of motivation.

Use case examples where Yera can help

Workplace teams - customer support, sales, developers, and many others - can significantly improve their results with Yera. Our wide range of integrations and customisation possibilities enables hundreds of possible use cases. Here are a few examples.

Make work processes more engaging

Use Yera's gamification elements and custom rewards to make any kind of tasks or processes more engaging. Whether it’s solving support tickets, improving sales, on-time delivery or code quality – customise the reward rules as you please and fire up your team’s productivity.

Increase visibility with up to date information

Get clarity of project's current progress by making regular status updates in your tools something that both team leads and members will find rewarding.
Making updates in your current tools - earn new points immediately.

Capture time logs on time, every time

Introducing: time tracking as it should have always been with engaging gamification making both team members and leads rejoice.
Logging work time in your current tools - earn new points immediately.

We saw the need, so we built it.

And now it’s yours to use as well.

Our team has built and launched category-leading products and led their development in finance, retail, adtech, and other industries. We’ve driven growth and scaled adoption internationally.

What we were always missing: engagement for the stuff that’s less than fun. And that's how Yera came to life.
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