The AI-Powered Coach of Your Sales and Support Team

Yera onboards and upskills your people, saving you big time while you achieve the dream.
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AI-Fueled Insights and Coaching For You

Convert the interactions between your people and clients, plus your internal knowledge, into valuable insights and coaching to help your team members develop their best selves.

Where You Can Benefit From It

Customer Support

As a Customer Support Agent, Yera helps you:

  • Delight clients by getting daily tips on optimising your communications for greater empathy, clarity, resolution, and more.
  • Become an expert agent with regular coaching on using support scripts, playbooks, and your product, policy, and business process expertise.
  • Improve performance by tracking efficiency KPIs for customer interactions and receiving personalised advice for continuous growth.

As a Customer Support Manager, Yera helps you to:

  • Ensure service quality by regularly coaching agents on best practices.
  • Save time spent monitoring interactions and training agents.

Sales Development

As a Sales Development Rep, Yera assists you to:

  • Build rapport and close more deals through daily, customised guidance on persuasive communication, relationship building, and consultation skills.
  • Perfect your pitch and product proficiency with tailored feedback on sales scripts, objection handling, and understanding your product value proposition.
  • Be more productive and disciplined by getting constant advice and insights based on your interactions with clients and prospects.

As a Sales Manager, Yera helps you to:

  • Maintain sales excellence by constantly reinforcing your team's sales methodology.
  • Free up time spent reviewing calls and manually coaching reps.

AI at Service of Your People Development

Yera utilizes advanced AI engines like GPT-4 to offer personalised insights and advice to your team.

With each interaction, they can identify areas for improvement and understand how to enhance their performance.

Rather than replacing, Yera empowers your team to improve daily on their own.

Imagine having a world-class expert in sales, communication, and service always by your side.

You got the idea, right? ;)
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What People Are Saying About Yera?

I see big value in Yera for agent development. The new generations want to improve themselves more and more and need to feel progress. Moreover, important stuff doesn’t need to be boring.
Gustavo Bianco
VP of Sales and Customer Service
Nutshell; ex-Pipedrive

It Wont Break Your Bank Account ;)

What you will get from it

  • Saved time and money on onboarding, reviewing and coaching your teams on best practices in customer service and sales development.
  • More quality, excellence and satisfaction for your clients, provided by an always improving team.
  • Less stress, less micromanagement, more trust and more talent retention.
What you will pay

€ 9,90

Price per user monthly.