Supercharge your teams

Get your teams enthusiastic with the key processes that drive your business goals.

Yera + the tools you already use

Integrate Yera in a few clicks with the tools you use on a daily basis such as Slack, Zendesk, Trello, Jira, Azure, and 2000+ others. The reward rules are fully customisable across your entire stack.

Recognise and reward team members for actions that drive results.

Overcome the process adherence gap

Everyone’s committed to process. Until they’re not. You’re not alone – most companies and teams, research shows, struggle with the exact same challenge.
People clearly understand the importance of process but work life puts a couple too many obstacles in their way. The good news is: you can dislodge these roadblocks by transforming process into rewarding habits that stick.
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Enable accomplishment

Continuity of process yields no achievable endpoint, but the feeling of overcoming a challenge is a deeply satisfying sensation. Yera and its Perk Store rewards catalogue instill the same sense of gratification into your process framework.

Stir things up with variety

People appreciate growth. Interesting work tasks speak to this motivational driver naturally, repetitive process tasks don’t. Yera's technology leverages behavioural psychology to convert repetitive obligations into anticipated daily wins.

Bring priorities in tandem

Non-negotiable deadlines, important deliveries – your team knows what matters and when. With Yera you align processes gently and positively into your sequence of priorities to link them naturally with project success.

Pave the way to success

When people are in the zone doing their best work, process checkpoints aren’t the most welcome distraction – unless they introduce an element of gamification.

Help your people thrive with Yera

Delightful onboarding. Customised setup. Seamless adoption.

Your secret formula is

Your People + Flow Triggers

Using game like features, together with intrinsic and extrinsic motivation triggers, Yera helps your people with the incentives for taking the first step, keep it going, incorporate process, and finally being rewarded for that. According to science, every time we incorporate a new habit and achieve flow, we go through the following cycle:


When you’re still pushing yourself out of comfort zone.


When you reach out of comfort zone but need incentives to keep it going.


When you incorporate the new habit and achieve effortless flow.


Usually overlooked. It’s the time you’re away from the screen for relaxing and recharging.