Capture time logs on time, every time

Jira and Tempo users: wave goodbye to missing billables and data. Make time tracking a rewarding habit by connecting your team with process and progress.

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Goodbye missing time logs, hello consistency

With Jira and Tempo you have fantastic tools to optimize how your teams work. But what if you don't have the data?

Missing time logs and inconsistent tracking are common sights in any development agency. The good news is: there’s nothing wrong with your developers (you knew that already, but hey, it’s nice to get some validation).
Research shows that the root of the problem lies right in the nature of time tracking as a task itself.

And that’s also where it’s best solved. Which – drumroll – we’ve done for you: Yera helps you make sure that time tracking is done on time for every day and project. This brings rapid relief to the day-to-day of both developers and leaders in your agency.
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Break static routines

Invoices to your clients bring payments into your agency. They require you to plan, prioritise, and track appropriately in Jira and Tempo. Stop having to routinely nudge and chase the required data – and make logging time something your teams instinctively enjoy.

Time tracking with purpose

Developers love coding. Building solutions that delight users? Sure. Solving engaging challenges? You bet. Yera links and echos time tracking with the exciting aspects of dev life integrated right into your existing project and program management stack.

Engage in the motion

Logging time doesn’t tend to rank too high in people’s lists of favourite workplace activities. Let our reward system based on behavioural psychology turn it into one your developers connect to with a sense of personal recognition. Throughout your Jira workflow, no matter how custom it may be.

Make it a victory routine

Bugs, stories, epics: disconnected from tangible personal benefit, developers have no deeper link to the value of time tracking. With Yera you give every day reasons for little victory laps to let motivation and engagement flourish in your tracking and development admin tool.

Help your people thrive with Yera

Delightful onboarding. Customised setup. Seamless adoption.

Your secret formula is

Your People + Flow Triggers

Using game like features, together with intrinsic and extrinsic motivation triggers, Yera helps your people with the incentives for taking the first step, keep it going, incorporate process, and finally being rewarded for that. According to science, every time we incorporate a new habit and achieve flow, we go through the following cycle:


When you’re still pushing yourself out of comfort zone.


When you reach out of comfort zone but need incentives to keep it going.


When you incorporate the new habit and achieve effortless flow.


Usually overlooked. It’s the time you’re away from the screen for relaxing and recharging.