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Yera brings AI-driven clarity to your customer support interactions, enabling your team to act swiftly and elevate customer satisfaction.

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Automated AI Insights for Support Tickets

Experience simplicity with Yera's automated analysis. Our platform intuitively categorizes and summarizes customer interactions, spotlighting key concerns and actionable insights.

100% tickets analysed
You can analyse all your customer interactions.

Easy Integration with Tools You Already Use

Yera not only offers valuable metrics but also integrates smoothly with your existing email and customer support systems like Intercom and Zendesk.

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Unlock the power of AI to analyze support tickets and gain valuable insights.

"Yera's AI-powered Pareto Analysis has been a lifesaver. It pinpointed the key issues affecting customer satisfaction, allowing us to focus our efforts where they'd have the biggest impact and providing also valuable insights to our product team."

Gustavo Bianco

VP of Customer Service at Restream; ex-Pipedrive

"Yera's AI transformed our quality assurance. We achieved 100% customer interaction coverage while saving tons of time previously spent on manual reviews. Game-changing efficiency."

Jessy Ambers

Senior Customer Service Manager at Pernimo

"Yera's ability to generate insights from customer interaction data has been a massive time-saver. By automating the analysis process, it saved nearly a full day of my week that I used to spend manually sifting through data."

Ivan Rodriguez

Head of Customer Experience at Mindly


Find the Performance of Your Team and the 80/20 of Your Issues

Elevate team performance with insightful quality and efficiency metrics for each agent. Understand your support team's effectiveness and main customer issues through our comprehensive AI-powered Pareto analysis.

Win back 1 day a week
Save yourself from the headache of manually reviewing the conversations.

Tailor AI Prompts for Critical Insights Extraction

With Yera, easily configure AI prompts to precisely extract vital business insights from your customer communications.


Efficiently mine valuable insights from every interaction.


Instant analysis transforms customer feedback into actionable data.


Pricing Plans

Choose a plan that fits your team and budget. With Yera, affordability meets functionality, offering plans that scale with your needs.

Flexible Pricing

Customize your plan based on your team's needs and usage.

Efficient Support

Get quality and efficiency metrics for your customer support agents and teams.

Integrate Easily

Seamlessly integrate with popular email and customer support solutions.

Customised Plans
Starting from 500€/mo
+ AI Computing Costs Based on Usage
AI-powered Analysis
Customizable AI Prompts
Quality & Efficiency Metrics
Integration with Email, Chat and Voice Channels
24/7 Customer Support
Data Security & Privacy
Monthly Usage Reports
Team Collaboration Tools
Advanced Insights & Analytics
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Find answers to common questions about the Yera platform, integration, and customization options.

How does Yera work?

Yera is an AI-powered platform that analyzes support tickets to provide immediate insights on customer concerns and suggestions. It uses GPT4 and other latest AI models to categorize and summarize the data, allowing you to extract business-critical insights. You can also customize the AI prompts to meet your specific needs.

Can Yera integrate with other customer support solutions?

Yes, Yera can integrate with popular customer support solutions like Intercom and Zendesk. This allows you to seamlessly connect your email or support system to Yera for a more streamlined experience.

Is customization possible with Yera?

Absolutely! Yera offers a high level of flexibility when it comes to customization. You can customize the AI prompts to ensure that you extract the most relevant and business-critical insights from your support tickets.

What metrics does Yera provide?

Yera provides quality and efficiency metrics for individual customer support agents and customer support teams. These metrics help you track performance and identify areas for improvement.

How can I integrate Yera with my existing systems?

Integrating Yera with your email or customer support solution is a straightforward process. Our platform offers easy-to-follow instructions and documentation to help you seamlessly connect Yera with your existing systems.

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