Improve KPIs & Customer Satisfaction.
Empower your Agents.
Save Money.

High-growth companies use Yera to boost their agents performance with better visibility, performance-based incentives and AI-driven QA.

Customer service can be a winning game for everyone

24% higher customer retention

37% increase in CSAT

13% higher revenue

I see big value in gamification for the agent development. New generation of agents need to feel progress, and important stuff doesn’t need to be boring.
Gustavo Bianco
VP of Customer Services
Restream; ex-Pipedrive
Yera is built on the experience of

Yera benefits agents and managers alike

Daily sense of progress with extra boost of motivation
Work is engaging and gamification supports success
People are happy and job satisfaction is high
Performance visibility supports self-accountability
No need for micromanagement and lower turnover
Sustainable planet and reduced carbon footprint
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Quick integration. Frictionless setup. GDPR compliant.

Individual dashboards give visibility into daily performance

Unique view of individual performance with fully customisable metrics, milestones and goals. No other tool provides this level of insight to agents.

Visualise progress for KPIs, such as Quality Score, CSAT, AFR, AHT, volume of live chats, calls, emails, and others.
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AI-driven Quality Assessment

Use generative AI technology to assess in real-time the chat interactions of your agents with clients.

Tone, grammar, and clarity are scored automatically, which if added to CSAT scoring can give you a bigger picture of the quality of your service.

You can also use these quality scores together with objective goals and get better visibility of your agents' performance.

Gamifying daily work increases motivation and results

Yera helps agents do their best work by making their daily job more engaging and fun.

Complete your daily tasks, collect points, and see your progress being visualized by a growing tree.

Game elements increase motivation, engagement, and work results based on scientific research.
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Yera is a fully automated solution

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We saw the need, so we built it.

Our team has built and launched category-leading products and led their development in finance, retail, adtech, and other industries.

What we were always missing - platform to boost individual engagement and performance. And that's how Yera came to life.
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